Jada Imani

“The self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.” “You will act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be.”

Age: 25
Pronouns: She/Her
Gender Identity: Woman
Ethnic Background: Black, mixed race, bi-racial
County: Alameda

Family & Household

How many siblings do you have, and where do you fall in terms of birth order?

I have two siblings, I am the middle child.

What type of living arrangement did you have during your childhood (e.g., nuclear family, single-parent household, foster care)?

A mix of nuclear family, extended family and single-parent household. Partly due to government housing restrictions, there were many years where I lived without my father in the home.

Did you experience any significant changes in your family structure during your childhood (e.g., divorce, separation)?

Separation and a parent going through recovery from drug addiction and moving to a new city/state every two to five years through my childhood.

Coping Mechanisms

How do you cope with stress or difficult situations?

By talking it out, dancing, exercising, venting.

Have you received professional help or counseling for any challenges you’ve faced?
I have went to professional help, counseling or therapy on and off throughout the years.
Are there any positive role models or supportive individuals who have influenced your life positively?

Yes! I have been blessed to meet people who are loving, kind, compassionate and express themselves in beautiful ways. Also people who are on their own healing paths that really speak to mine as well.

Educational & Employment

What is your current education or career path?

I found the traditional school path unbearable and went to independent studies after 9th grade. I started then building community programs and events. I am now 10 years into the arts, culture and activism non-profit world. I work as a consultant with many different organizations.

Have your ACEs influenced your academic or career choices?

I think ACES was part of the reason why I was so triggered at school and experienced so much depression and anxiety throughout schooling. It has pushed me to create an intentional life outside of the traditional path that feels good for me to live. It also has led me to do meaningful work that is healing-centered.

Social Support

Do you and your friends feel comfortable discussing mental health topics openly?
Yes! Mental health is a common topic we discuss.
What actions or behaviors help create a supportive environment among your friends?

I started a group chat for my neighborhood to share things, link up at cafes, go grocery shopping together, ask for resources, share job opportunities etc. It’s a way to combat loneliness and build community. I also started getting back in the habit of calling/texting my friends daily as part of my regular routine. To show my friends they have space in the fabric of my life.

Future Aspirations

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I hope to continue to build a life of freedom- financial, locational and creative freedom. For myself and others!
What is one thing you want to do or accomplish? (This could be learning a new skill, visting a new place, something related to school/work/life/relationship)

I would love to learn two more languages and see more countries.