“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept” – Angela Davis

Age: 24
Pronouns: She/Hers
Gender Identity: Women
Ethnic Background: Latino
County: Stanislaus

Family & Household

How many siblings do you have, and where do you fall in terms of birth order?
I have four siblings, I am the oldest!
What type of living arrangement did you have during your childhood (e.g., nuclear family, single-parent household, foster care)?
Single-parent household
Did you experience any significant changes in your family structure during your childhood (e.g., divorce, separation)?
No changes to the structure, just negative experiences within the structure.

Coping Mechanisms

How do you cope with stress or difficult situations?
I look toward spending time with my family and community. Spending weekends at the flea market with my siblings gives me a sense of connectivity I can’t quite explain.
Have you received professional help or counseling for any challenges you’ve faced?


Are there any positive role models or supportive individuals who have influenced your life positively?
My family — my younger siblings and now my husband

Educational & Employment

What is your current education or career path?
I graduated from UC Davis with my BA in History and Psychology in 2021. I am now a business owner in Stanislaus County!
Have your ACEs influenced your academic or career choices?
I went into college trying to understand how experiences impact people’s trajectory in life and seeking to understand how societal structures can prevent more harm from occurring. I now work to share those lived experiences with people and decision-makers who have the power of changing the societal structures for the better.

Social Support

Do you and your friends feel comfortable discussing mental health topics openly?
Not very much…
What actions or behaviors help create a supportive environment among your friends?
Just spending time together helps us know that we care about each other.

Future Aspirations

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
My hopes and dreams are for my siblings to have access to resources and opportunities that can change their outlook on life. I hope for a future where everyone has access to opportunity to live the lives they want to.
What is one thing you want to do or accomplish? (This could be learning a new skill, visting a new place, something related to school/work/life/relationship)
I’d like to get better at reflecting on my experiences on a daily basis. Life moves so fast and things change even faster but I’d like to remember the thoughts I have as I experience every moment of life.