“Remember to heal the healer”
Age: 25
Pronouns: She/Her
Gender Identity: Female
Ethnic Background: African American/Black
County: Sacramento

Family & Household

How many siblings do you have, and where do you fall in terms of birth order?
6 siblings, second youngest
What type of living arrangement did you have during your childhood (e.g., nuclear family, single-parent household, foster care)?
Primarily single parent household and 2 of my sisters. Foster care from 15-21
Did you experience any significant changes in your family structure during your childhood (e.g., divorce, separation)?
My parent’s were not together growing up. My father also passed away when I was 12.

Coping Mechanisms

How do you cope with stress or difficult situations?
I like to take care of things – like plants or animals. I like to spend time with family. I like to spend time in nature when I can or experience greenery. I also like alone time like building legos, doing art, or journaling.
Have you received professional help or counseling for any challenges you’ve faced?
I had therapy when I was in foster care and did some family therapy growing up.
Are there any positive role models or supportive individuals who have influenced your life positively?
I look up to my older siblings and older family members I am close with. I also look up to my therapist who supported me a lot.

Educational & Employment

What is your current education or career path?
I am a college graduate BS in Chemistry and work as a Permanency and Youth Engagement Specialist.
Have your ACEs influenced your academic or career choices?
I was a former client of Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris and obtained my Chemistry degree in hope of becoming a positive Black Influence in my community through working in or closely with the Medical Field, as Dr. Burke-Harris did in San Francisco.

Social Support

Do you and your friends feel comfortable discussing mental health topics openly?
I feel comfortable sharing experiences I know others can relate to. It’s harder to share when you feel like your experience is isolated.
What actions or behaviors help create a supportive environment among your friends?
Taking the first step in being vulnerable. Creative Brave space not just Safe space. Understanding the effects of trauma more.

Future Aspirations

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
I hope to be in a world where people have what they need. I want people to be able to say for themselves what is healing and be able to access that.
What is one thing you want to do or accomplish? (This could be learning a new skill, visting a new place, something related to school/work/life/relationship)
I want to open a clinic that focuses on ACES prevention with pregnant and parenting youth.