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Your Brain Is a Safe Space: How to Stop Trauma and PTSD from Controlling Your Life

Michele Rosenthal

“This is a cheerleading, you-can-do-it kind of book, with step-by-step lifestyle modifications…” – Nancy Szokan , The Washington Post Practical advice, exercises, strategies, and techniques for managing trauma and coping with PTSD from a post-trauma coach You are not alone. Trauma and PTSD victims suffer from similar symptoms including intrusive thoughts and memories related to traumatic events; anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues; difficulty sleeping and nightmares; struggles with codependency and toxic relationships; and difficulty with emotions such as anger and fear. Management and coping strategies for PTSD and trauma sufferers.  Following a critical illness, Michele Rosenthal struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for twenty-five years. Now, a post-trauma coach and award-winning writer, Rosenthal shares the tools that helped her deal with PTSD. Previously published as  Heal your PTSD  by the Conari Press in 2015, this book is packed with insightful tips on how to not let PTSD symptoms control your life.  Inside find helpful coping strategies If post-traumatic guidebooks like  The Body Keeps the Score ,  The Complex PTSD Workbook , or  Keep Pain in the Past  have helped you, then  Your Brain is a Safe Space  is your next read.