Start Healing

Create your path forward and Live Beyond.

There are many ways to move past what happened.

Your first step towards healing is understanding if and how ACEs and toxic stress are showing up in your life. Learning that you have ACEs helps you understand your past.

The good news is there are proven things we can do in the moment to ease our response to stress, and longer-term solutions — like mental health support or treatment from a primary care provider — to help us in our journey to healing.

Vibe check

Let’s check in on how you’re feeling.

What’s your mood right now?
Wonderful! Let’s keep a good thing going strong.
We get it, some days are like that.
Not good
You’re not alone. Read on to see what you can do about it.
How is your life going?
It is what it is
We feel you. Spend some time here and see if it helps.
I’m struggling
It’s not your fault. See if some of the techniques below can help.
All good
That’s awesome. If anything changes, we’re here for you.
Do you need some help?
We can help you get through this. Get help here.
Not sure
Yeah, it’s complicated. Keep reading for ways to identify and deal with your feelings.
Do you know someone who *does* need help? Read on to learn how to support them.

Start healing

There are lots of ways to a better future. Here are some healing strategies, also known as Stress Busters, that can help you get there.